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    This is Jessie Mueller singing an acoustic version of “Being Alive” from Company.

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    Sutton Foster getting ready to perform in Violet every night (x)

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    And they say romance is dead

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    With One Look | Patti LuPone 

    Sunset Boulevard [London Press Reel]

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    why u scream

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    To Build a Home | Kelli O’Hara & Company

    The Bridges of Madison County 

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  8. This is just to say


    I have eaten

    the spiders
    that were in
    my cave

    and which
    you were probably
    for statistical purposes

    Forgive me
    I am an outlier
    should not have been counted

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  9. iguanamouth:

    new dance club called MOTH is completely empty except for large lamp the only dance allowed is you throwing yourself against it for seven hours there is no music

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  10. janemba:

    cucumbers got that taste where you taste it and you go “hmm is that shit some cucumber?” and you always right. that shit always some cucumber

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    Most importantly: you’re stronger than you think.

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    Recreate Broadway posters with comic sans and clipart part 2

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